The secret to happiness is forgiveness. When you understand that you are of two minds, you can learn to stop listening to ego and forgive everything you perceive as ‘wrong.’ Ego is the source of unhappiness. Ego is your self-image and that brings with it doubt, judgment, anger, and fear. Ego is a side effect of being alive, separated from what you really are, part of a larger whole, the mind of God.

Instead listen to your soul. The soul/heart/spirit is your true self. It’s the source of joy, laughter and love. It comes from inside you. There really is no world “out there.” You live in your mind. And the world we perceive is the mind of God thinking through this question “what if there was a place where i am not whole?”

Our enemies are not people. Our only enemy is the nothingness, the feeling of separation. This is battle we are here to fight. And it is inside each and every one of us. Fighting fire with fire simply increases fire. You fight fire with water, it’s opposite. We fight hate with love, judgment with compassion, separation with connection.

When we, the fragments of God, fulfill our duty here in this universe, we fill this existence up with awareness, knowledge, and love. We will be whole again, we will be one, we will be God again. We can get there sooner if we sooner change how we see and react to this world. Fight the negativity and corruption with positivity and creativity. That is the secret to happiness and enlightenment.

Every night before you go to bed and every morning when you wake up, recite this mantra. You must train your unconscious mind to understand that this is exactly who you are.

I love myself
I forgive myself
my mistakes are my lessons
my failures are my teachers
I don’t attack
I don’t get defensive
I don’t judge
I don’t condemn
I let go of ego
I let go of the past
I let go of expectations
I let go of control
I listen with my heart
I react with my heart
I see beauty in everyone
I see spirit in everything
I live in the now
I laugh and I smile
I count my blessings
I forgive all I see wrong
I give love to the world
This is why I am happy